Emulating Competitors’ Strategies

Using social media for marketing is almost essential. So many people pay attention to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites that you would be missing a major sector of the audience to avoid using these platforms. With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can come up with effective strategies to generate more leads and visits to your websites.

Something that has always been used in marketing is the mode of emulating the social media marketing strategies of your close competition. It makes sense, considering that the target audience is the same. With this method, be careful to pay close attention to the tactics being used and then move from there. Considering that you want to gain Instagram followers, that will be the social media platform to attend to.

It does not mean you have to completely copy the campaign. That would be foolish and it would lack any real originality. It is still important to be original. This way, your campaign still has a fresh appeal. When it comes to the tactics, such as the hashtags, incentives, filters, and numbers of posts, that is something you will want to emulate, especially if your competition is having a successful campaign.

While this method of gaining more Instagram followers and other social media followers may seem a bit contrived, it is not. If you think about it, the competition would probably do the same thing and take tips from your campaign if the tables were turned.

One very simple tactic to emulate is the use of hashtags. Instagram is designed to be brief. Though it is clear and precise social media, it relies on fast images with short text to convey messages to target audiences. Hashtags are easy for people to remember so you are working with a common element and a common habit. Of course, you have to keep the messages brief in order to make them effective.

Too much information and too much content at once are not helpful. That is more likely to turn off the audience and be counterproductive. Whatever marketing campaign you are boosting, the images and the messages in the posts need to be captivating and concise with a direct call to action.

All associated links need to be set up and ready to go. People should be able to quickly access the benefits of the campaign, just as they would with the competition. Another beneficial aspect of using this method is that interest is already aroused. To give all of this a boost of appearance, you can also buy some Instagram views and followers. This usually leaves a trail for new followers.

You are just emulating some of the methods, maybe using the same hashtags, of the competition. Your marketing efforts could always be one step ahead, offering some incentives that competitors do not yet offer. Keep in mind that they may turn around and copy your tactics too. Actually, it can seem like a mutually helpful situation if the competition heats up.