Using Instagram for Better Visibility

There are a number of ways to use Instagram to improve and promote business. As I thought about it, it is really free marketing. Many of my personal posts which pertain to my business get a good deal of attention from friends so I make it a point to use the platform for that purpose when I can. It does not actually take too much effort or thought, just some simple action.

With this in mind, I sought to learn a bit more about how I could tie in Instagram posts to my business Facebook page as well as my YouTube channel and blog. I have these things so I can promote my services as a pet sitter and trainer. Word of mouth is just not enough to pay the bills and I like people to see the good work that I do.

It is easy for me to get great pictures of the pets I work with. Many of the images are fun and they get quick likes. At the same time, I need to have plenty of followers. One thing I do from time to time, in order to keep the numbers up, is I buy real Instagram followers and then bank on even more coming along as soon as the numbers rise from my purchase.

The more followers I get, the more of them will visit my YouTube channel to see some of my pet training videos. From there, they will find links to my website and my blog. In the blog, I embed Instagram videos and that usually will gain even more followers and so on. As I buy some followers, more free followers come as well. It is a good system.

Since Instagram is not the only social media site and not the only way to reach out to the audience, I focused heavily on linking to the YouTube channel. There, I can have a longer span of time to entertain the audience and attract more focused business. It all works together and I learned this by reading blogs that had similar tactics like embedded videos.

It also helps to understand that there is more than one way to buy real Instagram followers. I do not just use money and a service to do this. Any effort I put into social media marketing is an investment for me.  It pays to please the followers you already have. It is work to make a YouTube channel and to maintain a blog, but that is also a great way to buy the following you want.

It is largely a matter of perspective. I realized that most people use all of these different platforms. It became clear that the best way for me to reach the audience I wanted and to gain a stronger following was to approach from all different angles.

By starting with fun images on Instagram and using good hashtags in my campaigns from all angles, I get more attention. My business is thriving and followers are added every day.